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Microsoft’s New CEO — Looking Ahead Beyond The Great Race

Over the past months, Microsoft has provided quite a bit of transparency into deliberations selecting a new CEO.  While at times this may have provided the rush of anticipation more aligned with reality television, it has led to fewer surprises … Continue reading

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Microsoft Stack Ranking — A Fond Farewell

Earlier this month, Microsoft announced it was doing away with its stack ranking system; this caused quite a flurry of press and all sorts of discussion.  Specific to Microsoft, I never completely understood the outside observer’s fuss and scrutiny applied … Continue reading

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Enterprise Social — Salesforce.com Gets Chatty

Last week, I had a chance to visit Salesforce.com’s Cloudforce in New York.  It was an impressive; Salesforce.com is pushing current thinking re: Enterprise Social Computing and is quite vocal at evangelizing their point-of-view, including YouTube postings from event with … Continue reading

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Oracle — Cloud Strategy: Humorous Comments Shielding Enterprise Strategy

Oracle does provide entertaining commentary re: the Cloud, somewhat harmless, unless taken too seriously. Back in 2008, Oracle seemed to be a bit antagonistic to the Cloud or at least other providers offerings in the Cloud.  At Oracle OpenWorld 2008, Larry Ellison … Continue reading

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The SmartPhone Wars — Why Windows Phone Deserves More Love

Earlier this month, Apple announced iPhone4GS; remarkeably, over 4 million units were sold in the first week.  Consumers seemed to overlook that that the much awaited iPhone 5 release was effectively pushed well into 2012, having to settle for the … Continue reading

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Consumerization of Information Technology — the Latest Wave To Manage

Consumerization of IT 0911<<excerpts from a recent presentation attached for reference>> I am not exactly sure what the word consumerization means.  The word does not exist in either Merriam Webster, Oxford, or Cambridge dictionaries.  Yet, whenever we hear the phrase … Continue reading

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The iPad — An Emerging Love Affair

Last week, I attended the annual International Legal Technology Association (ILTA) conference in Nashville, TN.  This year, the hot topic was Consumerization of Information Technology — largely driven by the current love affair underway between attorneys and the iPad. It was … Continue reading

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Big Data and the Information Market Place

WalMart uses Big Data  to help determine what you may buy, as outlined in recent Gigaom report.  The big question is from where does this data come? One option is to grow your own data — with the decreasing costs … Continue reading

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