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Google Android — In And Out Of Manufacturing With A Stronger Market Position

Last week, Google announced the $2.9BN sale of Motorola Mobility to Lenovo.  At first glance, a $2.9BN sale for a business which cost Google $12.5BN just two years ago looks like a head scratcher at best and unmitigated disaster at … Continue reading

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iOS 7 and Windows Metro Design: DejaVu in Reverse

Doesn’t iOS 7 look and feel like Windows Metro design?  Apparently, I saw I was not the first to detect that Apple metro-ized the iPhone. Unfortunately, metro-izing the iPhone brings more than just the look and feel of Windows metro … Continue reading

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Thirty -five years of Technology Transformation — Thank You Mr. Jobs

This has been a remarkable week, providing moments to reflect over the past 35 years for technology. When you have lived through the times, it is not quite history but more about points in transformation. It is remarkable how the … Continue reading

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Consumerization of Information Technology — the Latest Wave To Manage

Consumerization of IT 0911<<excerpts from a recent presentation attached for reference>> I am not exactly sure what the word consumerization means.  The word does not exist in either Merriam Webster, Oxford, or Cambridge dictionaries.  Yet, whenever we hear the phrase … Continue reading

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Windows 8 Revealed and the Future Tablet Wars

It has been nearly a month since I have been using my new iPad; I have joined the love affair around me for the iPad.  Largely due to the apps at my disposal, it is revolutionary.  My personal favorites are Dropbox for transporting … Continue reading

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Collaboration — How Aps May Redefine

There is a nice summary outlining how collaboration applications may redefine collaboration infrastructure posted on The Cloud Computing Blog suggesting how cloud based apps such as Yammer and  Chatter may provide a faster, cheaper, easier means vs. today’s collaboration infrastructure

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The iPad — An Emerging Love Affair

Last week, I attended the annual International Legal Technology Association (ILTA) conference in Nashville, TN.  This year, the hot topic was Consumerization of Information Technology — largely driven by the current love affair underway between attorneys and the iPad. It was … Continue reading

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Welcome!  This is my introductory communication; thre are more to follow… This blog will discuss some of the key trends in technology —  providing examples, making technology simpler to understand and providing context for you and your business.  The goal … Continue reading

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