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Google Android — In And Out Of Manufacturing With A Stronger Market Position

Last week, Google announced the $2.9BN sale of Motorola Mobility to Lenovo.  At first glance, a $2.9BN sale for a business which cost Google $12.5BN just two years ago looks like a head scratcher at best and unmitigated disaster at … Continue reading

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Microsoft’s New CEO — Looking Ahead Beyond The Great Race

Over the past months, Microsoft has provided quite a bit of transparency into deliberations selecting a new CEO.  While at times this may have provided the rush of anticipation more aligned with reality television, it has led to fewer surprises … Continue reading

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Microsoft Stack Ranking — A Fond Farewell

Earlier this month, Microsoft announced it was doing away with its stack ranking system; this caused quite a flurry of press and all sorts of discussion.  Specific to Microsoft, I never completely understood the outside observer’s fuss and scrutiny applied … Continue reading

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Workday Rising Creates Excitement and Promises for HR Software

After posting feedback from  HRTechnology Trade Show, a few questions popped up re: Workday.  Recently, Workday shared current plans at their recent user conference – Workday Rising.  Apparently over 3,500 attendees showed up to hear what is in the works … Continue reading

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PWC In Consulting (Again) With Booz Acquisition

Last week, PWC announced the acquisition of Booz & Co as part of an ambitious expansion back into consulting businesses.  For both PWC and Booz & Co., the transaction makes a lot of sense.  PWC will gain access to expertise … Continue reading

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HR Technology Gets a Facelift with Cloud Offerings and Big Data Services

Last week, I had the opportunity to attend the 16th Annual HR Technology Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Apparently,  HR Technology is hot –with over 8,000 participants attending and a sea of large vendor heavyweights jumping front and center into … Continue reading

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iOS 7 and Windows Metro Design: DejaVu in Reverse

Doesn’t iOS 7 look and feel like Windows Metro design?  Apparently, I saw I was not the first to detect that Apple metro-ized the iPhone. Unfortunately, metro-izing the iPhone brings more than just the look and feel of Windows metro … Continue reading

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Enterprise Social — Gets Chatty

Last week, I had a chance to visit’s Cloudforce in New York.  It was an impressive; is pushing current thinking re: Enterprise Social Computing and is quite vocal at evangelizing their point-of-view, including YouTube postings from event with … Continue reading

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Changing Environment for Legal Services And The Role For Technology

It is timely to follow up from a few friendly conversations with lawyers and share a few ideas as to how technology may impact the legal industry.  Initially, lawyers have shared genuine curiosity about hot topics such as Cloud computing … Continue reading

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Oracle — Cloud Strategy: Humorous Comments Shielding Enterprise Strategy

Oracle does provide entertaining commentary re: the Cloud, somewhat harmless, unless taken too seriously. Back in 2008, Oracle seemed to be a bit antagonistic to the Cloud or at least other providers offerings in the Cloud.  At Oracle OpenWorld 2008, Larry Ellison … Continue reading

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