iOS 7 and Windows Metro Design: DejaVu in Reverse

ImageDoesn’t iOS 7 look and feel like Windows Metro design?  Apparently, I saw I was not the first to detect that Apple metro-ized the iPhone.

Unfortunately, metro-izing the iPhone brings more than just the look and feel of Windows metro design.  Periodically, my iPhone crashes due to application compatibility (i.e., those iPhone apps have not been properly updated for iOS 7) and draining battery.

In summary, I had switched from a relatively less popular operating system supporting fewer applications to the leading phone platform.  Design improvements from the challenger platform found their way into the incumbent platform; while the incumbent platform supported more applications, it proved far less efficient and offered an inferior user experience.

Is it 1995 all over again?  Handing over my Windows Phone for an iPhone certainly feels like turning in a MacBook for a Windows95 machine.

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