Welcome!  This is my introductory communication; thre are more to follow…

This blog will discuss some of the key trends in technology —  providing examples, making technology simpler to understand and providing context for you and your business.  The goal is to help all of us make the most of technology in business.

Here are a few of the questions I am hearing

  • What is the Cloud anyway? Where is it? What is in it?
  • Why can’t I find I just find information inside my company like on Google?
  • Why do I have to carry this big laptop instead of an IPad?
  • Why do I have to wait 5 years to get the latest and greatest Microsoft Word on
    my computer?
  • Why can’t I chat with my colleagues and clients?
  • Why does the market seem to have information we don’t?

…and you can be a part of the conversation!  So go on…share your content and perspective; ask your questions

Here are examples of technology trends we may follow

  • Cloud Based Computing — the availability of an endless supply of computers and software whenever and where-ever you need it
  • Consumerization of Information Technology — unleashing the power of consumer technology experiences within the business world; think about it — why not Skype your clients or turn your business programs into touch apps?
  • Social Computing — how computers are changing our social behavior — how we stay connected, form consensus, learn from one another and share
  • Big Data Analytics — real time availability of data to improve insight into operations, customer behavior and business outlook


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